Air Traffic Management

Working with Eurocontrol on developing network information exchange for more efficient flow management


UAV Operations

Paving the way toward fixed wing drone operation in Europe


GNSS for rail applications

Enabling the rail sector to increase safety by getting highly accurate positioning and speed measurements


Impact of GNSS attacks and disturbance effects

Helping to assess the robustness of GNSS application against attacks and other non-nominal disturbances under harsh environments


M3 Systems Belgium,

specialist in Air Trafic Management Engineering solutions and services

A small company covering the complete chain of system integration steps: from system/concept definition, modeling and design to integration testing and validation.
The position of M3 Systems Belgium is both upstream and downstream of a system supplier: guaranteeing that the user needs are covered and checking that the technical solutions meets the user’s expectations. M3 Systems Belgium is recognized for its know-how and experience in capturing user needs and translating them into consistent set of requirements for systems development. M3 Systems Belgium is a renowned integrator of positioning system testing facilities and equipment targeting automotive, rail, space and defense GNSS commercial and industrial applications.

M3 systems’ field of expertise are two folds:

• the Air traffic Management and Aeronautical Operations domains covering a wide variety of users: Airport, Flow Manager, Airline Operators, Air Traffic Controllers and regulatory Actors.

• Global Navigation Surveillance System (GNSS) domain and more particularly automotive-railway application, GNSS performance and integrity analysis, and impact of GNSS attacks on positioning and timing applications


of expertise



5 July 2023 in Non classé

BOREAL SAS Wins the Industry Category Award at Septuors 31

Septuors 31, a prestigious annual event showcasing the most innovative companies in Haute-Garonne, celebrated local entrepreneurship on June 29, 2023, at the Space Museum. This evening brought together stakeholders from…
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A Reconfigurable GNSS Payload in LEO Orbit

A disruptive project co-financed by the Occitanie Region, promising new services in the world of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)   The IOD-Full-SDR-GNSS project paves the way for new services…
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The KASSAV 1 Project: An Autonomous Localization Solution for Launcher Safety

© CNES/ESA/ARIANESPACE/OPTIQUE VIDÉO CSG, 2017 Following the trajectory deviation that occurred during the launch of the Ariane 5 rocket on January 25, 2018, the development of the Kit Autonome comme…
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8 June 2023 in Non classé

M3 Systems at ITSNT to Explore the Latest GNSS Technology Advances with StellaNGC

We are excited to announce our participation in the ITSNT (International Transportation and Smart Network Technologies) event, taking place at ENAC from June 29th to 30th, 2023. As a leading…
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