M3 Systems, a specialist in reliable and accurate geolocation for the past 20 years.

Created in 1999 in Lavernose near Toulouse, France, the company is also present in Brussels with its sister company M3 Systems Belgium. Since the beginning, M3 Systems has contributed to the definition of concepts and innovative solutions supporting the R&D activities of space agencies (ESA, CNES) and of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL). Drawing on this expertise, the company has extended its activities into the automotive and rail sectors.
Today M3 Systems proposes expert consulting, test and measurement tools and software bricks answering the needs of innovative applications such as autonomous systems. M3 Systems also markets products which are the result of its R&D activities.




Our clients


The MISTRAL Group is a family SME formed of 3 companies: M3 Systems France, M3 Systems Belgium, Boreal (France) – makers of the BOREAL drone. The synergy between the different companies allows them to cover the different stages in the life cycle of geolocation solutions for autonomous systems ranging from inital studies through to operational implementation.