Object: Integration of remotely piloted aircraft systems into the civil airspace for the emergence of new services



Demonstration of the integration capability of remotely piloted aircraft systems into controlled airspace for the emergence of new services.

Description of the project

By addressing the redundancy of communication systems by providing a command and control link using multiband satellite and radio communication, SKYOPENER aims to increase the opportunities for civil applications for drones. The project also aims to provide a surveillance system equipped with detect and avoid functions using GNSS, system-wide information management and satellite communication. Such a system will be less expensive, less complex, lighter and easier to implement than systems using mode S transponders.

The consortium led by ViaSat is contributing to the definition of a system which addresses safety, security and privacy problems raised by the operation of drones in civil airspace. The project’s vision is to create drone applications in the areas of infrastructure surveillance, search and rescue, and agricultural monitoring, all made possible by working with the UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) system.

Our participation in the project

Implementation and integration of the drone, performance of demonstration flights.

Results of the project

The project has shown through demonstration flights in Switzerland the redundancy capability of C2 command and control links to ensure a level of safety that is sufficient for civil aviation authorities.

Our partners