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The MISTRAL Group commits to the operational deployment of Space4Earth

By 12 April 2023 No Comments

The Mistral Group is proud to announce the operational deployment of Space4Earth, its new corporate mission that aims to define the future of geolocated positioning by 2030. By combining the key expertise of its subsidiaries M3 SYSTEMS and BOREAL SAS, which are respectively specialized in satellite geolocation (GNSS) and experimental and aerial surveillance drones, the Mistral Group has taken the first major step towards achieving this ambitious project.

To encourage collaboration among its teams specialized in space technologies and drones, BOREAL SAS and M3 SYSTEMS France have decided to merge them at two sites in the Toulouse region.

The MISTRAL Group has established its first multi-expertise center on Jean-Jaurès Avenue in Toulouse. Its aim is to stimulate internal collaboration and make it more accessible to its employees and clients. This strategic location will enable the MISTRAL Group to play a key role in the field of space innovation and long-range drones. Furthermore, the choice of this location aligns with the company’s commitment to promoting accessibility, reducing environmental impact, and supporting the recruitment of new talent.

The second site, located in Lavernose-Lacasse, will house the InnovLab innovation center, which is dedicated to creating innovative proofs of concept. With the latest technological resources at their disposal, experts in the company will have the opportunity to work on the latest advancements in drone and GNSS projects at this cutting-edge laboratory. The objective is to develop new payloads and to rethink integration methods in order to offer bespoke flying laboratories. Moreover, the GNSS reception and simulation equipment that is already available on-site will simplify access to this data for drone teams, thereby enabling them to integrate this technology into their projects more easily.

The InnovLab will be equipped with a showroom designed to showcase its innovation and development capabilities. This operational space will be a true accelerator for launching and advancing projects, offering great agility to its clients and partners who will be able to present their needs in a concrete way thanks to direct access to BOREAL drones. Thanks to this consolidation, the Mistral Group has taken a significant step towards achieving its corporate mission, Space4Earth, which seeks to provide end-to-end solutions in the areas of automotive, drone, and
space-based geo-positioning. “Our ambition is to revolutionize the future of positioning on an international scale over the next ten years, from laboratory simulations to the operational implementation of autonomous systems,” said Marc Pollina, CEO of the Mistral Group. “The Group is committed to redoubling its efforts to contribute to the protection of the space environment developing new space applications.”

The operational launch of Space4Earth represents a crucial step for the Mistral Group, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and research in the fields of satellite geolocation, aerial surveillance, and experimental drones. By continuously seeking innovative solutions for its clients, the Mistral Group positions itself to meet the technological challenges of tomorrow in the field of Earth observation.