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[PRESS RELEASE] M3 Systems is accelerating its internationalisation strategy in the automotive market

By 25 October 2021 No Comments

2021 is a successful year for M3 Systems, which is achieving a turning point on the international automotive scene by supporting its first Chinese, Russian and American customers. The company is now a reference in the land transport sector through its software range: StellaNGC. 

Infotainment, V2X technology, driver assistance (ADAS), autonomous systems…These are applications in the automotive industry for which M3 Systems test and measurement solutions are already well known.
The company is taking on a new dimension by entering the Russian, American and Chinese automotive markets. New business partners are choosing M3 Systems for its GNSS simulation software, specifically developed for the needs of this sector: StellaNGC Plug & Play.

As a result, M3 Systems has had its first successes in China: the Shanghai Intelligent and Connected Vehicle R&D Center Co., as well as the CAN embedded network specialist, E-Planet, have equipped themselves with several test benches fitted with the StellaNGC Plug & Play solution.

These first references in the Chinese market have led the automotive giant DongFeng Nissan to also rely on M3 Systems. Its systems are now deployed for the validation of the manufacturer’s geolocation modules.
In Russia, the electronics manufacturer ELARA is also equipping its benches with the StellaNGC Plug & Play solution for operability and compliance testing of civil navigation equipment.

Across the Atlantic, after a first contract with the equipment manufacturer APTIV at the end of 2020, a major manufacturer in the sector (OEM) has just opted for M3 Systems know-how for their V2X application testing and validation programme. Several StellaNGC Plug & Play benches will be deployed at various North American sites of the manufacturer.

“These partnerships give us undeniable international visibility and allow users to consider an alternative offer against traditional solutions. We are very pleased to be now able to support our international clients in the realisation of their projects. We are very enthusiastic about the success of these recent collaborations and are in the process of expanding our presence in the Asian and American markets. ” says Florent Bournazel, M3 Systems Sales Manager.

As a result of its new successes, M3 Systems is demonstrating a level of know-how and expertise that is in line with the needs and technical requirements of its target markets. M3 Systems intends to increase its efforts on the American and Asian continents in the coming months.


1 Infotainment : Hardware and software platform providing audio and video access in the vehicle
2 V2X : Vehicle-to-Everything – Innovative application for communication between the vehicle and its environment
3 ADAS : Active safety information or driver assistance system
4 SINAT : Shanghai Intelligent Network Automotive Technology Center
5 CAN : Controller Area Network – Serial bus widely used in the automotive industry