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Launch of the Project NAV-SSHE

By 5 October 2021 No Comments


M3 Systems Belgium is part of the NAV-SSHE (Navigation Sensor Switching in Hostile Environments) project supported by the European Space Agency (ESA). In collaboration with Telespazio Belgium, this project, which will last 16 months from September 2021, aims to design, prototype and demonstrate new solutions for PNT using 5G and GNSS in combination for critical applications, in hostile environments.

In the context of NAV-SSHE, M3 Systems Belgium will implement both a GNSS and a 5G signal based on positioning engines. The output of both engines will be fuse in order to provide a unique solution with increased robustness.
The complete system will be demonstrated on two real use cases :

  • autonomous vehicles on airport platform
  • autonomous docking of vessels in port

These demonstrations will also be used to test the potential use of these technologies for drone applications and more particularly for the navigation system of the autonomous remotely piloted aircraft BOREAL.

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