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Our StellaNGC products
- StellaNGC Simulation
- StellaNGC Record & Playback
- StellaNGC Scenario Replayer


Automotive / Rail

Critical positioning and
performance optimisation
of GNSS sensors


Defense / Space

R&D work focusing on
developing GALILEO applications
in different sectors



Innovative concept
for air traffic
control management


A specialist in reliable and accurate geolocation

The M3 Systems company is a specialist in reliable and accurate geolocation. Since its origins in 1999, we have developed a unique know-how in the fields of Space / Defence (GNSS), air navigation (ATM) and terrestrial transport (ITS).
M3 Systems has contributed to the definition of innovative concepts and solutions that support the R&D activities of space agencies (ESA, CNES) and of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL).
Created in Lavernose, near Toulouse in France, the company is also present in Brussels with its sister company,
M3 Systems Belgium.

Our mission is to contribute, through our expertise and our products, to the reliable and accurate geolocation of autonomous systems (road, rail, drones).


of expertise



25 October 2021 in Non classé

[PRESS RELEASE] M3 Systems is accelerating its internationalisation strategy in the automotive market

2021 is a successful year for M3 Systems, which is achieving a turning point on the international automotive scene by supporting its first Chinese, Russian and American customers. The company…
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5 October 2021 in Non classé

Launch of the Project NAV-SSHE

  M3 Systems Belgium is part of the NAV-SSHE (Navigation Sensor Switching in Hostile Environments) project supported by the European Space Agency (ESA). In collaboration with Telespazio Belgium, this project,…
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15 September 2021 in Non classé

M3 Systems selected for the European Project CPS4EU

The European project CPS4EU was launched in June 2019 and is being supported by the European Union with 13M€ and by BPI France. The objective of this project is to…
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2 September 2021 in Non classé

Save the date for the first workshop of CORUS-XUAM project !

M3 Systems Belgium is part of the project CORUS-XUAM which aims to demonstrate how U-space services and solutions could support integrated Urban Mobility flight operations. The consortium organises its first…
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