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Our StellaNGC products
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Automotive / Rail

Critical positioning and
performance optimisation
of GNSS sensors


Defense / Space

R&D work focusing on
developing GALILEO applications
in different sectors



Innovative concept
for air traffic
control management


A specialist in reliable and accurate geolocation

The M3 Systems company is a specialist in reliable and accurate geolocation. Since its origins in 1999, we have developed a unique know-how in the fields of Space / Defence (GNSS), air navigation (ATM) and terrestrial transport (ITS).
M3 Systems has contributed to the definition of innovative concepts and solutions that support the R&D activities of space agencies (ESA, CNES) and of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL).
Created in Lavernose, near Toulouse in France, the company is also present in Brussels with its sister company,
M3 Systems Belgium.

Our mission is to contribute, through our expertise and our products, to the reliable and accurate geolocation of autonomous systems (road, rail, drones).


of expertise



28 August 2020 in Non classé

IQ DATA PROJECT: M3 Systems focuses on GNSS data crypto-compression

Co-funded under the READYNOV call for projects, the European IQ DATA project aims to develop new GNSS data crypto-compression techniques for geolocation terminals certification. In this context, the consortium made…
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27 July 2020 in Non classé

M3 Systems Belgium won an European Project dedicated to improve security and safety in port areas.

M3 Systems Belgium is member of the PASSport European Project consortium which aims to engineer and qualify a solution extending situational awareness based on aerial fixed/ rotary wing and underwater…
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20 July 2020 in Non classé

M3 Systems leads the development of the next generation of low cost GNSS stations

  M3 Systems won a call for projects launched by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) on the development of a new generation of low cost GNSS stations in collaboration with…
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25 November 2019 in Non classé

M3 Systems collaborated with EUTELSAT in the frame of the new Complementary European Geostationary Satellites Navigation Service EGNOS.

The EGNOS GEO-3 programme is embarked on the Eutelsat 5 West B satellite. M3 Systems has developed a real-time “ Key Performance Indicator” system to monitor signals quality of the…
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