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A specialist in reliable and accurate geolocation

The M3 Systems company is a specialist in reliable and accurate geolocation. Since its origins in 1999, we have developed a unique know-how in the fields of Space / Defence (GNSS), air navigation (ATM) and terrestrial transport (ITS).
M3 Systems has contributed to the definition of innovative concepts and solutions that support the R&D activities of space agencies (ESA, CNES) and of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL).
Created in Lavernose, near Toulouse in France, the company is also present in Brussels with its sister company,
M3 Systems Belgium.

Our mission is to contribute, through our expertise and our products, to the reliable and accurate geolocation of autonomous systems (road, rail, drones).


years of expertise


Label PME CNES Owner

Awarded by CNES to French SME space suppliers, this label was assigned to M3 SYSTEMS for its GNSS product development activities and for its expertise in satellite radionavigation.


21 June 2022 in Job offers


Contract : Full time Starting date : September 2022 Location : Toulouse Domain : Radionavigation - GNSS Why joining us ? M3 Systems has been contributing for more than 20 years to the R&D…
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8 June 2022 in Non classé

GNSS Passive Radar: A Solution of the Future Imagined by TILT Consulting and Supported by M3 SYSTEMS which was awarded by EUSPA!

On Wednesday, June 1st, 2022, M3 Systems and TilT Consulting were declared winners for their breakthrough solution of passive radar for detection and localization of obstacles, based solely on GNSS…
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3 May 2022 in Non classé

M3 Systems to Pioneer Upgradeable Nanosatellite Payload Project

The Occitanie Region supports the IOD-Full-SDR-GNSS project, submitted in the framework of the call for projects "Nanosatellites Plan - Acceleration of in-flight validations (IoD/IoV)"1, co-developed with the State on the…
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28 April 2022 in Non classé

SaNGENE Project – My EU Space Competition 2021

M3 Systems and Tilt Consulting have jointly submitted the SaNGENE project in the context of myEUspace competition 2021 organised by EUSPA. SaNGENE stands for Sens And Nav on GNSS Environment…
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