StellaNGC Plug & Play

StellaNGC Plug & Play is a simplified GNSS signal simulator.
With an ergonomic interface, it allows configuration of essential elements of
simulation, without having to handle complex constellation parameters.

StellaNGC is a fully customizable and upgradable software suite which supports GNSS tests and measurements needs throughout the design cycle, from prototyping to manufacturing.

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Use Cases

Help in testing a system including a GNSS receiver

Supply of an on-the-self GNSS simulation solution with strong scenario automation in order to test an operational system.

Scenarios automation

Reduced configuration time: instantaneous and intuitive change and modification of GNSS scenarios.

Technical Sheet

Key Features

Real-Time Trajectory Simulator

• Open-Loop (Trajectory is defined before simulation)
• Closed-Loop (Mobile motion is provided in real-time)

Open Real-Time Data Flow

• PVT and Raw Data outputs accessible via
UDP protocol
• IQ-sample logging available for post-processing

Easy-to-Use HMI

• Ergonomic Graphical User Interface
• Application Programming Interface through
TCP commands
• Monitoring widgets (Maps, Spectrum,
Artificial horizon)

Highly Configurable GNSS Model

• GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS, SBAS
• Multifrequency (Low band, High band)
• Multipath : Statistical model, User-defined,
3D Model

GNSS Signal Generator

• Vulnerability simulation such as multipath,
interferences, spoofing
• Multiple simultaneous signal generation
(two trajectories, four antennas)


Input trajectory simulation
setpoint rate : up to 1 kHz


• Pseudo-range : 1.5 mm
• Pseudo-range rate : 0.3 mm/s
• Frequency (@L1) : < 10 Hz
• Interchannel bias : null

Mobile Trajectory

• Height : 50 km max
• Velocity : 1 750 000 m/s max
• Velocity resolution : 0.01 m/s
• Acceleration : 4576 m/s2 max
• Acceleration resolution : 0.01 m/s2

Hardware Platforms