StellaNGC Plug & Play

Fully Scalable GNSS Simulator

StellaNGC Plug & Play is a customizable solution that fits both basic and high-end requirements. M3 Systems commitment is to deliver the best experience through a turn-key solution that is the best entry point to GNSS simulation and provide an easy-to-use solution.

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Le simulateur GNSS StellaNGC fête 10 ans

StellaNGC celebrates 10 years!

Launched in 2013, the StellaNGC solution has traversed an extraordinary journey, delivering increasingly innovative solutions in GNSS testing and measurement. StellaNGC is a fully configurable and scalable software suite that supports GNSS testing needs across the entire value chain, from the design cycle to system integration.
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Application Challenge

GNSS technology has become a key enabler for innovative applications in transportation and Aerospace Defense areas. However, designing test systems for components related to geolocation becomes more and more challenging with the multiplication of standards, frequencies, scenario, needs from various customers. They require either extreme technicality or access to the most basic functions depending on the use case. That’s why, to fulfill customer needs and strategy in terms of development, StellaNGC Plug & Play proposes a customizable and intuitive interface that fits both basic and high-end requirements.

Use Cases


Help in testing a system including a GNSS receiver

Supply of an on-the-self GNSS simulation solution with strong scenario automation in order to test an operational system.

Scenarios automation

Reduced configuration time: instantaneous and intuitive change and modification of GNSS scenarios.

Key Advantages

  • Easy and intuitive GNSS Signals Generation
  • Use cases oriented
  • Efficient and robust core based on StellaNGC S/w suite
  • Focalization on parameters of interest (Simulation date changes, Trajectory configuration, GNSS constellations control, Perturbation)
  • Accessible customization of options through licensing scheme

Technical Sheet

Key Features

  • GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS, SBAS
  • Multifrequency (Low band, High band)
  • Terrestrial, aerial and spatial trajectories simulation
  • Easy simulation date changes (Rinex Free)
  • Orbit configuration based on standard file types Rinex or automatic
  • Highly configurable navigation message content
  • Atmostpheric perturbation models (Klobuchar, NeQuick)
  • Satellite’s antenna configuration
  • GNSS constellations & signals control
  • Earth Obscuration Modelization
  • Ergonomic Graphical User Interface


  • Hardware In The Loop
    Mobile motion is provided in real time from an external device or system (IPG Carkmaker , Flight simulators, etc.)
  • SBAS
    Simulate SBAS signals through EMS appropriate ephemeris files
  • Real Time Kinematic (RTK)
    Simulate ground station and generate RTCM frames following the RTCM3 standard
  • Jamming
    Simulate unlimited number of realistic interferers through configuration of geo referenced beacons
  • Spoofing
    Simulate meaconing spoofing
  • Multipaths
    Through a statistical model, user defined or 3D Model (SE-NAV)
  • IMU Sensor Modelization
    Highly configurable IMU model (e.g., scaling factor, range effects , temperature effects, etc).



• Pseudo-range : 1.5 mm
• Pseudo-range rate : 0.3 mm/s
• Frequency (@L1) : < 10 Hz
• Interchannel bias : null

Mobile Trajectory

• Height : 50 km max
• Velocity : 1 750 000 m/s max
• Velocity resolution : 0.01 m/s
• Acceleration : 4576 m/s2 max
• Acceleration resolution : 0.01 m/s2

Download the Technical Datasheet

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