Stella GNSS simulator

Launched in 2013, the Stella solution has traversed an extraordinary journey, delivering increasingly innovative solutions in GNSS testing and measurement. Stella is a fully configurable and scalable software suite that supports GNSS testing needs across the entire value chain, from the design cycle to system integration.


Real Signal


StellaNGC Plug & Play is a customizable solution that fits both basic and high-end requirements. M3 Systems commitment is to deliver the best experience through a turn-key solution that is the best entry point to GNSS simulation and provide an easy-to-use solution.

StellaNGC Record & Playback

StellaNGC Record & Playback is an accurate solution to record real life GNSS signals (multi-constellations & multi-frequency) and replay them through an ergonomic and intuitive interface.

StellaNGC Scenario Replayer

StellaNGC Scenario Replayer is an integrated and affordable solution for replaying customized GNSS scenario to test GNSS device connectivity and positioning capability for manufacturing applications.