Here is the products range we have made:

StellaNGC Software Suite

StellaNGC is a fully customizable and upgradable software suite which supports GNSS tests and measurements needs throughout the design cycle, from prototyping to manufacturing.


StellaNGC Simulation provides high-end functionalities (Hardware-in-the-Loop, Multi-Trajectory Generation, Inertial Measurement Unit Simulation) through an ergonomic and intuitive interface.

StellaNGC Plug & Play is a trajectory simulator and a RF signal generator, with a fully configured ergonomic HMI with GNSS scenarios automation, to meet the testing needs of existing systems.

Real Signal

StellaNGC Record & Playback

StellaNGC Record & Playback offers a accurate solution for recording real GNSS signals (multi-constellations and multifrequencies) and replaying them through an intuitive and an user-friendly interface.


StellaNGC Scenario Replayer

StellaNGC Scenario Replayer is an affordable solution for replaying custom GNSS scenarios.
StellaNGC Scenario Replayer is an integrated solution for testing connectivity and positioning capacity of GNSS devices for manufacturing applications.