Acronym: CNES-AUTH

Name: Robust authentication of GNSS signals – Optimisation of a remote processing solution

Object: To design, optimise and demonstrate by a mock-up a geolocation terminal architecture implementing the remote processing of signals in order to make the « authentication » function accessible at a reasonable cost.


In the face of the mass development of applications and services using GNSS infrastructures, above all critical applications, the CNES (French National Space Agency) wanted to meet the growing need to have GNSS terminals capable of performing measurement authentication, in collaboration with M3 Systems.

illustration CNES-AUTH

Description of the project

During this project, M3 Systems defined a geolocation terminal architecture allowing to produce authentified measurements based on secure signals and Galileo differentiators.  After the design and optimisation of authentication algorithms and a hardware and software architecture implementing remote signal processing, a demonstration mock-up was implemented to facilitate testing in conditions close to real life.

Our participation in the project

M3 Systems, owner of this project, fully developed this CNES project.

The results obtained

On scenarios of incoherent superposition, meaconing, and T. Humphreys, the proposed authentication methods detect spoofing if it is sufficiently significant.

illustration CNES-AUTH
illustration CNES-AUTH


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