StellaNGC Record & Playback

Intelligent GNSS Record & Playback

StellaNGC Record & Playback is an accurate solution to record real life GNSS signals (multi-constellations & multi-frequency) and replay them through an ergonomic and intuitive interface.

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With StellaNGC’s Event-based Controlled Record

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Use Cases

GNSS Sensor

Obtain GNSS sensor performance through repeatable replay of recorded scenario

Positioning Performance Evaluation

Test and validate system performances based on real environment recorded scenario


Ensure representative sensor data for complex environment

Technical Sheet

Key Features

  • Record & replay all GNSS Bands
  • Digital signal (PPS signal)
  • Multiple simultaneous signal
  • Ergonomic Graphical User Interface
  • Application Programming Interface through TCP commands
  • Predefined GNSS Bands selector
  • Precalibration Procedure
  • Monitoring (RF Spectrum, ADC/DAC Occupation)
  • Conversion tool for Prost-Processing on I/Q Samples

Highly Configurable

  • Center Frequency, Bandwidth, Quantization, Reference Level
  • Delayed Start / Hardware TTL Trigger
  • Start Offset on Playback
  • Configurable RF Gain on Playback
  • Automatic Gain Control on Record
  • Support for different RF targets: from high-grade (VST 1st and 2nd generation) to entry-level (USRP RIO)


Smart I/Q Recorder

Reduce the records size without compromise on records fidelity through event detection and selective compression

Automatic Gain Control

Provide a controlled signal amplitude at the output, despite variation of the amplitude in the input signal.


  • 4 Simultaneous Channels
  • Recorded Band from 100MHz to 6GHz (1Hz step)
  • Bandwidth from 1 to 250MHz (step 1MHz)
  • Quantization from 1 to 16 bits
  • Positioning Fidelity : 98% (on 95 percentiles)
  • Interchannels Synchronization : 5ps
Download the Technical Datasheet

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