StellaNGC Scenario Replayer

GNSS Device Testing for Manufacturing Applications

StellaNGC Scenario Replayer is an integrated and affordable solution for replaying customized GNSS scenario to test GNSS device connectivity and positioning capability for manufacturing applications.

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Test your Device Connectivity and Positioning Capability

at an Affordable Price

Use Cases

End of Line Testing

Parallel testing in manufacturing chain

Compliance Verification

Test your system according to standard requirements

Re-Use of Existing Database

Re-use of existing database to increase efficiency

Technical Sheet

Key Features

  • Scenario Library for Representative GNSS Tests
  • Extensive Scenario Description
  • Reference Receiver Data for Validation
  • Ergonomic Graphical User Interface
  • Application Programming Interface through TCP commands
  • Monitoring widgets (Maps, Spectrum, Artificial horizon)
  • Support for different RF Target


Additional Scenarios Generation

Upon custom request, additional scenario can be generated to:

  • Extend number of satellites
  • Extend constellations and signals  (Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS and SBAS)
  • Follow a specific mobile trajectory
  • Include specific ionospheric/tropospheric configuration


Data Rate 

• Motion Refresh Rate on RF signal: up to 1 kHz


• Pseudo-range : 1.5 mm
• Pseudo-range rate : 0.3 mm/s
• Frequency (@L1) : < 10 Hz
• Interchannel bias : null

Mobile Trajectory

• Height : 50 km
• Velocity : 1 750 000 m/s
• Velocity resolution : 0.01 m/s
• Acceleration : 4576 m/s² max
• Acceleration resolution : 0.01 m/s²

Download the Technical Datasheet

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